The blues' moment of brilliance helps Bengaluru FC into the Inter-zone Semi-finals

Koushik Venkatesh  |  Bengaluru FC  |  1 Year Ago

Sunil Chhetri proves time and time again that he is not only Mr.Dependable but still a face that BFC can’t think of corenering. Chhetri in tonight’s clash with Maziya proved himself one more time by bailing out the blues with a sweet top corner finish from a free-kick which saw Bengaluru FC beat their Maldivian opponents of the night 1-0 and ease through the group stages with 12 points and into the Inter-zone semi-finals of the AFC cup 2017.


The match began with Maziya playing attacking football and Bengaluru looked chasing the ball all through the first half, taking the visitors on counter attack. It was the home side who broke the rally and the change in strategy proved pivotal to stop giving unnecessary supply. While Chhetri, CK Vineeth and Sandesh made mark on the match, Roca’s experiment in the formation are proving to be lifesaving for himself and Bengaluru. Here are the top three talking points of the match:


#1 Sunil Chhetri’s moment of magic

Is there anything this man can’t do? The skipper turned the match on its head with a peach of a free kick 10 minutes into the second half. The game looked like it was heading towards a draw or even worse for Bengaluru FC who were always chasing the ball during the majority of the first half.  All Chhetri needed was one opportunity and when presented, he got the most out of it and helped his team secure this victory.



#2 Maziya failed to capitalise

The travelling side were on the up for most of the first half. The chances kept on coming for Maziya but their prevailing problem with finishing in front of goals came back to haunt them. The closest they came to goal was a header of Habeeb who was facing an open goal but managed to head it on to the crossbar. This period of the game is when they would’ve ideally liked to score but they failed to capitalise on the plethora of chances that was presented to them throughout the game.


#3 Alberto Roca’s 3-4-3 proved to be a working formula

The 3-4-3 formation seems to be the name of the game in this modern era of football. A lot of teams are adapting this strategy and to get used to this formation is a whole different story. Bengaluru FC have perfected playing this way with Jhingan, Johnson and Juanan as the back three with Khabra and Nishu Kumar playing as the wingbacks.  They added more man power to this already solid defence once they got the lead in the beginning of the second half.


Alberto Roca’s side went into the clash knowing that anything but a win wasn’t acceptable and even though Maziya put up a good fight, the game was scrappy from the beginning and Bengaluru FC scrapped out of this fixture with a 1-0 victory thanks to Sunil Chhetri’s free kick.




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