5 Talking Points: FC Pune City trounces the young Mariners by 3-0 in the IFA Shield Final

Rohan Bhattacharjee  |  IFA Shield  |  1 Year Ago

One of the oldest tournaments in the world, the IFA Shield marked the final day of it's 121st edition at Mohun Bagan Ground on Sunday this Afternoon. The young FC Pune City side defeated the young Mariners by 3-0 resulting in a disappointment for the home fans. Man of the Match Gani Ahmed Nigam of Pune City scored twice while Substitute Balkar Singh, coming on for the Man of the Match later on, scored the winner. All the goals were scored in the second half.


The season for Mohun Bagan ended trophy-less with this match being highly dominated by the Pune side. The Mariners were highly pumped before the advent of the final to gift something to the fans before the curtains of this season would fall. Ironically, Mohun Bagan ended as the Runners-up in every possible success they could have achieved this season. 


Let's have a look into the five important talking points which turned the tide of the match away towards Pune from the Mariners despite being backed by their 12th man — the home crowd.

#1 Composed Football from Pune FC Pune City had been highly dominating in every aspect of the game, ranging from defending to attacking point of view. They did take a quarter of an hour to settle down and bossed the game for the rest of the match. They were keen to keep the ball in the ground as much as possible and were much into building up attacks rather than going for long balls. They were composed with their defence and their speed in the flanks did help them eventually. Even, two of their goals were direct results of the counter attack while the third one being scored from the spot in the box.



#2 Lack of Game Plan in the Green & MaroonsWhat Mohun Bagan basically lacked was the game plan. They were sloppy in the defence to say the least. Though, they did show signs of stability in the first 15 minutes when Pune was  shaky with their game, but they lost their rhythm later on when Pune settled down eventually. Bagan’s side-backs did underperform, letting the Pune attackers plunge in from the wings— conceding two in the way. After being one goal down, they showed signs of fighting back into the game which finally ended when they went down by two goals. They were clearly out of options and started playing long balls on their way to losing out.



#3 Guardian of the Goal of both the sides The Goalkeepers from both sides brought a lot of energy into the game. The visitors’ #1 Anuj Kumar displayed superb goalkeeping with perfect anticipation, outing and handling the ball. Though he wasn't 'that' tested in the 90 minutes but made a difference in terms of simple errors which he did not commit unlike the Mohun Bagan goalie Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya did. The 3rd Goal of Pune, scored by Balkar Singh in the dying minutes came from a grass-kissed weak shot from the forward which rolled through the arms of Bhattacharya. This is worth being featured in the online videos of Football Funnies!

#4 Controversial Referring The Second Goal was a converted penalty from the spot by Gani Ahmed Nigam. It was quite controversial and the analysis later showed it to be not worthy of being awarded. It was a result of a messy fall in the box during a set piece situation. The conversion of this penalty gave Pune a two-goal cushion, making them more defensive and letting Mohun Bagan lose their control over the game entirely. Had that not been awarded, the full time score could have been a bit different.



#5 Game Changer Nijwm Muchahary First Half substitute #10 of Pune City, Nijwm Muchahary was the player who had changed the entire scenario of the game single handedly. Before he stepped in, Pune were in a struggle of setting the pieces of the Jigsaw right, which even had opened a few great chances for Bagan Brigade to open scoring; but Nijwm had changed the entire flow of the river in the opposite direction! The Sprintstar's runs from the right flank with great control of the ball was the main pillar behind Pune's success. He had even built the crucial opening goal for the Champions. Had he been featured in the scoresheet, he would have been the biggest challenger for the man of the match award. This might even end up giving him the chance to get featured in the Senior Side in the upcoming ISL!




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