ATK's Molina not coming back to India, and neither is Atletico de Madrid

Arijit Mukherjee  |  Indian Super League  |  1 Year Ago

ATK is the most successful franchisee in the small history of ISL. They have been the champions twice in the last three years and have been a semi-finalist once. But before the fourth and the most crucial edition of the ISL, things do not look that rosy to start off for them.



In reports coming from Spain, Jose Molina has confirmed that he is not returning to India this year to coach his champion team from last year. He is contracted with Atletico de Madrid and ATM is not sending him to India this year instead he is more likely to go to China to coach a Chinese Super League side, who have had a partnership with ATM recently. Molina has confirmed it as well about his future expedition.



Seeing the writing on the wall, ATK management has already dipped into the market to get a new manager for the team at the earliest. As per the latest news someone from the English league could be the next one on the hot-seat of the franchisee.



ATK management has been handed a shortlist of eight coaches from which they would be choosing the next coach. The big news is most of the coaches are attached to second or third team of clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs . The management is already in negotiations with their respective agents and they want the coach to be announced before they start recruiting the team, so that they get inputs on the team selection from the manager.



As per the latest rumours coming out of Madrid, Atletico would most probably not renew their three year long association with ATK as though they have been the most successful franchisee in the cash-rich league, but there are internal reasons which have not impressed the management back in Madrid. Moreover they are not very impressed with how the franchisee affairs have been run and the lack of exposure they have got. ATM has not been successful in achieving the desired result from the association in both revenue and popularity in the country. Though the most important reason cited by inside sources is that they are not ready to send players and support staffs for a five month league as the cost would increase manifold due to the extension in the season.



Not only that the one month long pre-season in Madrid costs them a lot and they have not been beneficial even though they have invested heavily on the team during the pre-season, ATM management do not look keen anymore to carry forward these extra expenses on their coffers.



As per the sources, if the Madrid club decides to pull the plug on the association, ATK management would then look to build a partnership with any club from the EPL, most probably the Champions Chelsea or the Toffees Everton.



As per the reports ATM was ready to terminate the association even last year but they honoured the length of the deal but this time things do not look to continue. Anyway things would be clear by the start of August but one thing is for sure that we would not be witnessing the calm and composed tactician Molina on the ATK anymore.




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