Mohun Bagan's latest signing Soram Poirei speaks to Jersey about what led to his decision to leave Delhi Dynamos

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Manipur has undeniably the most productive state in India to produce the most number of footballers for a long-long time now. Soram Poirei is the newest addition to that growing list. He is the newest addition to the Mariners last man of defence as well. Though Soram has just hogged the limelight after signing for Mohun Bagan, he’s already had a fair experience playing for various I-League clubs besides an ISL club. It all started at the IFA Academy in West Bengal before the prodigy moved to Pune to find a team. Boosted with right confidence, Soram has opened about his thoughts about his bright future in Indian football. 


Jersey Correspondent Arijit Mukherjee spoke to Soram about football and life in general and got to learn many hidden stories which never came out. Here’s the excerpt…




Jersey:  Hello Soram, thanks for talking to JFM, we would like to know how did football happen for you?

Soram: My dad was a national level basketball player and my family always encouraged me to be in sports. So from a very young age I chose sports over everything else. Though usually Northeasterners aren’t that tall, my family has been blessed with height and so after my initial days in football as I was tall but slow. My coaches suggested me to be a goalkeeper and that is how it all started.





Jersey: How has been your experience playing for DSK last season playing as a first goalkeeper?

Soram: It was good, but to be fair it was too quick a season, four months was too short a time. I had just come from Delhi Dynamos on loan and slotted into the team. Obviously, playing for an I-League team is a pleasure and was grateful to the coach Dave Rogers for giving me all the chances and showing trust on me.  It was a short but pleasant experience working and training with the boys.




Jersey: Now that you have signed for Mohun Bagan, let me ask you why I-League and not ISL?

Soram: It is not a case of ISL or I League, to be frank I am a professional footballer and I would always sign for a club who would want me and I prefer that instead of just waiting. Mohun Bagan officials showed genuine interest in having me in the team. They approached me first and offered me a good deal and I signed. I also felt as both ISL and I-League will happen at the same time on the same grounds with same facilities and moreover Mohun Bagan is one of the most famous clubs so why not try to prove myself in the most historic club in India.



Jersey: You must be aware of the passion for football in Kolkata and the massive support the Big Two generates?

Soram: Kolkata is not a new place for me. I started my formal football training with the IFA Academy, I am thankful to all the coaches for giving me a chance at the academy and for picking me up after I was released from TFA, they were the ones who scouted me and got me to Kolkata. Then I spent some fruitful years with Pailan Arrows. So, I am aware of the fans and the tremendous passion they have for football and for the Big Two. I would actually enjoy it.



Jersey: Tell us what is your expectation from the coming season and your anticipation of donning the famous green and maroon jersey?

Soram: Oh, I was prepared to sign for any of the Big Two and I got my dream fulfilled. Everyone knows of the Big Two Kolkata clubs. They are very famous and they are not only top clubs in India but also very famous across Asia. Simply put it is a privilege to play for any of the Big Two and I am humbled and honoured that I would get the chance to don the famous Green and Maroon jersey. You know even my mother was excited, she was telling me how everyone knows about the history of Mohun Bagan in our part of the country, a club which has been there even before we got Independence speaks for itself. I am super excited!!



Jersey: How has been your experience with Delhi Dynamos?

Soram: Well, it was superb! The professionalism and training was superb and modern. Getting trained under a legend like Zambrotta and others was a privilege. It was a huge learning experience and the whole set-up was so different from what I have faced till then. It was more specific, scientific as well as hugely professional it was a learning experience and I think I came out a better person and a better goalkeeper from the stint I had with them.



Jersey: Everyone has an aspiration to play for the National team, any thoughts on that?

Soram: To be frank I am not really thinking of that. I am still young and want to take it one step at a time. I would look to train hard and give my best whenever I get a chance and work hard. That is what I can do rest will follow. There are many better goalkeepers already in the scenario I would just look to learn from them and get better and eventually maybe I will play for my country.



Jersey: Soram, did you have any footballing idol while growing up?

Soram: In India, I looked up to Subrata Paul as he was with Pune when I was with there in the Under 18 team, he was already the India number one at that time and learned a lot from him. Among international stars I have always idolised Iker Casillas, he is a legend!! Like many aspiring goalkeepers I have tried to inculcate his skills and composure into my game.



Jersey: Soram some message for the legions of Mariner fans and what they can expect from Soram Poirei?

Soram: I usually do not promise, but that I can assure is that whenever I get a chance I will give my very best and try to do justice to the famous shirt I am going to don. I have heard a lot of their love and support and I hope that they would be by my side through good and bad times and encourage me through my journey. As I said I am privileged to be a part of such a historic club and I would always be more than eager to give my best on the field no matter what!! I hope they are there with me in this new journey I am embarking on.



Jersey: What has been your parents’ reaction to the whole development?

Soram: Oh, they are extremely happy; my dad told me he has heard a lot about the club and the huge reputation it has. Both my parents are super excited as well as jubilant that I have signed for one of the Big Two from Kolkata.



Jersey: It was wonderful speaking to you Soram; wish you all the best for your future from all of us at Jersey. We hope you achieve your dreams and ambitions in the coming season and have a stellar season for Mohun Bagan.

Soram: Thanks a lot, I am honoured and privileged and look to keep up the good work.





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