One City, Two Clubs: Chennai City and Chennaiyin are in the race of ultimate Superiority

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One Home, Two clubs: Chennaiyin vs Chennai City will be the epic encounter



Chennai has always been passionate about sports. So from football to Cricket, Wrestling to Tennis, the city has celebrated each sport in larger numbers every time. The Loud Crowd— The name bestowed to the fans seems to me an understatement.  Having said that, the city homes the largest bunch of passionate souls who not only back their homes team in numbers, but cheers for the rivals in the most passionate spirit. This brings us to the most essential question as to how the two Chennai football clubs from the two leagues will be received by the same set of supporters, especially when there’s no ambiguity how the two leagues ISL and I-League will be placed. 



Let’s take a look at how 



Chennai City FC



Chennai City Football Club comes from the roots of Chennai and no doubt the owner of the club Rohit Ramesh has worked incredibly hard to keep the essence of the club intact. As the last and the latest entrant in the history of I-League, fans had a lot of expectations with the club to change the face of Indian football. CCFC was established in 1946 as Nethaji Sports Club by five friends. They’ve spent the grand majority of its history competing in the local state and city tournaments before making it large int he last I-League season. When it comes to performance, though the team found itself in the latter half of the table eventually after started off well, but the fans and experts believe that the club is going to going far, for the kind of mindset everyone form the top management to the gardener carries.



Rohit Ramesh ensured that despite excitement to play in India’s top-tier football league, he doesn't submit himself into glamour to lose out on his goal to hit the target well. Well, the kind of play that was on display, the kind of performances by the individuals and the unit, it’s certainly set very very high expectations afore. The fans are charged and that’s indeed what Tamil nadu as a city needed to encourage football in its geography.



Strengths: Throughout the season, Chennai City was lauded for the kind of chemistry with which the players and the coach hit the turf. Their energy was of a champion, and that’s purely because of the young faces in the side who were brilliant and fierce on the opponents.



Weakness: Every team needs time to become a team from the bunch of individuals to achieve success. Chennai needs more turf time. Lack of Big game players is another aspect that the management and the Coach needs to focus on, and enough bench strength to support in difficult times.




Chennaiyin FC


Chennaiyin FC are the second most successful club in the Indian Super League. Coming from the deep pockets, Chennaiyin endorses enough glamour factor to attract not only the Tamilians, but the fans of football spread across the country. The “Franchise” began its operations from the inaugural season of ISL through the owners Abhishek Bachhan, Vita Dani and MS Dhoni. Chennaiyin clinched the title in their second season itself, while they were the best club in the lot in the first edition, losing out on luck eventually. One of the Major strength that Chennaiyin possesses is the amalgam of experience and talent. Thanks to their money power, Chennaiyin hasn’t shied away from signing some of the best deals from the world football and to the best of the club, and each of them glittered whenever the team needed.



This is the reason why Chenniayin has retained majority of their squad, despite falling face down in the last ISL season. Weakness? Though the club looks solid as a team, but lack of chemistry and excess of superstardom has lost them many important matches. While Chennaiyin enjoyed their best phase with the likes of Mendoza, Elano, Pellisari, Chennai's attacking prowess was of the highest quality. However, the departure of those big names led to the downfall of this team. The replacements weren't good enough as they finished 8th last season. With the appointment of John Gregory replacing the World Cup winner Marco Materazzi, Chennaiyin fans are hoping to get back to the groove and to repeat its offensive style of football that gushed everyone’s adrenaline.



Known for its owners and its many relations to the Chennai culture and the crowd, Chennaiyin looks to be a little edgy over Chennai City but you can never whats hidden in time’s womb!



Here’s the fact-card contrasting both the Chennai based clubs…







1946; 67 years ago as Nethaji Sports Club

 2014, 3 Years ago


Rohit Ramesh

Abhishek Bachchan,Vita Dani, MS Dhoni



Indian Super League ( ISL)


John Gregory


Kit manufacturers

Classic Polo


Shirt Sponsor


TVS Tyres



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