Has the EB-MB fans' protest rally in Kolkata made any impact on the federation?

Arijit Mukherjee  |  The Drama  |  1 Year Ago

In a rare show of solidarity which was hardly seen before by the fans of Mohun Bagan and East Bengal as they underwent a joint protest march on Saturday in Kolkata.



Though the number of fans who turned up was minimal than expected but an unprecedented show was on display on the roads of West Bengal, giving a tough time to the federation. People from all walks of life, be it a professor, or a researcher or from any other profession participated in the protest march against AIFF and FSDL to save Bengal Football. Yes! That was the motto behind this unique march which commenced from Yuvabharati Krirangan, Salt Lake in a rain drenched Saturday afternoon.



The slogan of the protest march was the “One nation, one league” and that is what both set of fans wanted to put forward to the powers that be. As everybody knows Indian Football has been embroiled in a major controversy with two leagues which will be run parallel from this November. Everyone part of the march wanted AIFF to re-consider the decision and merge the two leagues. Most of the fans in Mohun Bagan and East Bengal fans also believe with the advent of two parallel leagues, the two century old Kolkata clubs are being forced out of the limelight and to eventual extinction by the AIFF and the IMG-R run FSDL.



To protest and raise all this issues the newly formed Bengal Football Lovers Forum which consists of both set of supporters had conducted this protest march on a rain soaked Saturday afternoon from the Salt lake Stadium, the procession went around roads and lanes of Salt lake and came back to the Salt lake Stadium at around 5 PM to register their dissent. There were around 500 odd supporters who walked hand in hand for these two hours forgetting about their rivalry and enmity for these two hours only to save Indian Football.



Along the same line Mohun Bagan fan club, Delhi Mariners had also organised a protest in front of the Football House at New Delhi. Only Future could say how much of an impact these kind of protest marches will make on the powers that be, but one thing for sure the passion and love for the game in Bengal remains something to be cherished and this can always lead to a new dawn in an otherwise abysmal crux Bengal Football finds itself in. 



Sometimes small sparks lead to infernos and this could become one of those infernos though many of the fans from both the Green and Maroon and Red and Gold sides were conspicuous by their absence as many of them did not appreciate sharing the same stage with their arch-rivals. 



Football is worshipped in Bengal and this was another instance of which further cemented the fact!!





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