"ISL? It's a business..." says The Black Pearl of India

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In the competition of being called the truest Mariner, if there’s anyone who can be called the tallest among the lot, its Narayanswami Ulaganathan. Not much known today, but Narayanswami was the name Kolkata would chant in the past generations. The fiery winger got all that a professional sportsman aspires, and in return Narayanswami has made Mohun Bagan a part of his soul. 


Narayanswami Ulaganathan travels to Kolkata once in every quarter year and there’s no visit he made to the Mecca of Indian football failing to go to his beloved, Maidan to rejuvenate himself. Its apparently the city that made him “The Black Pearl” decades ago…


Mohun Bagan has decided to honour the same Narayanswami Ulaganathan on this year’s MB Fest. Contended and joyous, Narayanswami spoke to the Bengali media in his old brazen fashion.



Narayanswami, on being questioned about the MB-AIFF saga showed grave concerns over the future of Indian football. He expressed his heartburn when one of the reporters looked for his reaction on the influence of Indian Super League. He told the press that ISL is nothing more than a money making machine. Ever since it came into existence, it’s given absolutely nothing to Indian football, Ulaganathan said. 


In his view, the footballers are literally butchering their careers by getting after the power of money. The football prevalent in the country at the moment isn’t really football that the country wants, according to him. his sheer love for the Bengali football poured out as he mentioned both Mohun Bagan and the arch-rivals East Bengal in the same statement, saying Indian football can’t be imagined without the Two Bigs of Kolkata. “Without Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, Indian football will face serious damages” he uttered.




Meanwhile, the critical old man Ulaganathan sounded complacent with the way Bengaluru FC has risen up. He praised them for being a lot ahead in terms of professionalism than most ISL clubs. They are getting results as they are recruiting good footballers, coaches without causing any damage to the soul of Indian football.


Owing to the backing of Indian football, Ulaaganathan has raised a bitter reality. If only we ever get to host the World Cup, then only India will get the opportunity to play on the highest stage of World Football. He wants tournaments like Durand Cup, Rovers Cup to be revived. These tournaments are a gateway to search for the best young talents around India. Completely against this Corporate Football League, he mocked saying that there is excessively unnecessary excitement regarding ISL. There's no gain in watching a foreign player past his prime,—come and win the ISL.


Harsh, but true indeed!



Ulaganathan was considered as India's best winger during his days. His pace and  footwork with the ball was fantastic. He is one of the very few gentlemen this game has ever been gifted with. He was never booked with a single yellow card in his whole football career. As he reached the golden heights of his career while playing at Kolkata, he is pretty aware of Kolkata Football. Looking upon Kolkata Football these days, he gets pretty upset due to the imbalance of players of Bengal and other states in the squads. He wants the clubs to include more local players in the squad by nurturing the youth system to contribute in the development of Football in Bengal.


Footballing Brains like him are the people worthy of being given the responsibility of uplifting the standards of Indian Football. Isn't it uncanny to see certain Businessmen run Indian Football and give high hopes of qualifying in the Finals of the World Cup someday?


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