Bengaluru FC Signs the Convicted Sex Assaulter Braulio Nobrega on 1-Year Contract

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Ahead of the upcoming Indian Super League (ISL) season, the franchise from Bengaluru has recently unveiled their latest signing in the form of the thirty one year old Spanish striker, Braulio Nobrega on a year-long contract. Nobrega comes with an impressive CV that includes him coming from the ranks of some top notch clubs of Spain such as Atletico Madrid, Getafe, Real Mallorca and Real Zaragoza among others.



The striker found the back of the net thrice for Getafe in their Europa League stint (then, UEFA Cup) during the 2007-08 season. However, it has now appeared that Nobrega, who most recently represented Doxa Katokopias FC in Cyprus, is a condemned sex offender. In the September of 2011, he was arrested by the police in Zaragoza over suspected sexual exploitation. At the time, he was pursuing his trade with Real Zaragoza, and was consequently sacked by the club.



Less than a year later, the confirmation of the charges came in and he was fined €12,600; though he managed to escape prison after paying compensation to his victims. The September born footballer’s sexual assault instance was reported by various media outlets in Spain and across Europe in 2012.



“Former Zaragoza player, Braulio Nóbrega, was fined a total of €12,600 for two sexual abuse offences, two counts of sexual harassment and one of assault to four women with restraining orders against him for periods of between six months and three years,” read a report in a Spanish daily back in September 22, 2012.



“Braulio admitted the charges brought against him by the Guardia Civil (Spanish police) following his arrest in the middle of a Real Zaragoza training session on 21st September of last year, even though he had denied them when brought in front of the Examining Magistrates Court of the Aragon regional capital,” the report added further.



The report also claimed that he “benefitted from the use of a mitigating circumstance by compensation for damage caused” to get away from a likely five-year long imprisonment.



On being asked whether the club was aware of their newest squad member’s past of criminal activities before offering him a deal, Bengaluru FC chose to not make any comment on the subject. An official from the club said, “The club chooses not to comment on it.”





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