CK Vineeth welcomes Kerala Blasters' latest signing with a series of Banter-Tweets...

Ragini Madhukar  |  Banter  |  1 Year Ago

Two players of the same outfit getting involved in an open feud is a common sight these days. Even players envious to their colleagues is also not a surprising fact to know. But what happens when one star player takes a dig at the club’s new signing on Twitter on the same day when the news breaks out?



This happened between Kerala Blasters’ star man CK Vineeth and the club Marquee signing Wes Brown in a rather healthy fashion on Twitter. CK started the row by a tweet marked at @WesMorgan saying, 



If you thought Old Trafford was loud, wait until you meet the sea of yellow in Kerala. @KeralaBlasters #WelcomeWes


Though, the matter didn't stop there as few hours after first tweeting about Wes, CK pulled in Iain Hume and Rino Anto talking of how the Blasters’ squad would deal with the United boys, Wes and the rumoured KB signing Dimitar Berbatov. Ah, something fresh, yeah?



Well, this dig at the United boys was celebrated by the Blasters’ fans as they commented and retweeted about it in numbers. Wes on the other side was rather quiet, peeking into his new banner from distance, though he tweeted yesterday as how excited he was to join the Blasters’ side.



Once the key man in the United squad, Wes Brown was one of the frequent names whom Sir Alex Ferguson graced in two of his latest books. Wes Brown, as Fergie says and we quote, 



Is a talent whom football may never be able to reproduce. If there’s just a lethal striker in front of an open goal with Wissi(Wes) behind him, scoreboard won’t move.



It’ll be quite a contest having such quality players on board with last season’s finalists. After Cedric Hengbart’s confirmation of not being in the Blasters’ plans for the upcoming season, the club looked to be in dire need of a quality defender to fill the holes. Now with the ex-Premier League beauty by their side, both players and the fans are delighted and ready to raid the new season with a bang!


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