Another Anthony Wolfe controversy, feud with MB fans and officials to say the least

Koushik Venkatesh  |  Just in  |  1 Year Ago

Anton Wolfe went on a rant post match on social media complaining about the game that they had played against Mohun Bagan. He began his rant by calling the officiation of the game as sub-standard and even went as far as to say that the officials were openly favouring the Mariners. This type of rant on social media by a footballing professional is met with a hefty fine in the overseas leagues. In the Premier League, when the manager, Jose Mourinho declared that the referees were on a Campaign against his team, he was given a hefty fine. Anton Wolfe then went on to throw shade on the Mohun Bagan fans as they reportedly fired scratch bombs and other missiles on these players.



Anton Wolfe was clear in mentioning that supporting your team and doing all these things is not wrong but one thing in his rant that we all can agree upon, is the fact that these fans should not aim at harming the opposition players. This completely deviates from the spirit of the game. If India is shown in this limelight, the attraction amounts foreign players might reduce drastically.



What really ticked off the fans is the fact that Anton Wolfe, told the Mariners that they should take a leaf out of the East Bengal supporters and should support the team like the EB fans do. 


Once the news went viral, Anton Wolfe was quick to take a U-turn saying that he never uttered any of those words and that the media were simply manipulating and playing with his words. If there is anything good that we can take out of this “rant” is the fact that the fans should always give it their all whilst supporting their team but should never go as far as harm the opposition. Mohun Bagan are undoubtedly one of the biggest, if not the biggest club in India and to have this black mark on them will only taint their reputation. 


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