Refereeing mishap caused havoc in Kolkata Maidan

Arka Acharya  |  Calcutta Football League  |  1 Year Ago

Once again the refereeing in Calcutta Football League is hogging the limelight as the match between Mohun Bagan and Peerless witnessed chaos surrounding the match referee, Nasiruddin Laskar.



CFL is no stranger when it comes to blaming the referees for losing points and in last night’s match, which Mohun Bagan managed to win by 2-1, the referee was convicted of terrible decisions and was approached by annoyed players who even pushed him.



In the first half after Mohun Bagan’s first goal scored by Nikhil Kadam, Kromah was fouled while moving up towards the goal. It was a serious foul but the referee decided to play on. The second goal of the winners was scored from the penalty spot by Kamo and this decision caused some grave reactions from the players. 



Just after Azharuddin Mallick came on the pitch in the second half, he was challenged by Peerless defenders. Referee gave the penalty without showing any card. Peerless captain Rahim Nabi said, “Azhar was fouled outside the penalty box but he deliberately fell inside the box. It wasn’t a penalty in any way. Rather the foul on Kromah was acceptable as a penalty.” He also added, “The referee gave the penalty, but did not show any card! How’s that possible?”



Peerless players visibly pushed the referee after this decision, even tried to stop him from showing a card. But he didn’t take out a card then. After Kamo scored, the Peerless players again showered him with temper. There were only two yellow cards in the whole match, which was not in parallel with the heat of the match. 



The Kromah-Kamo pair was not as effective as they had been against Mohammedan. Nikhil Kadam’s goal was outstanding. It was the best part of the whole match. But Bagan needs to be cautious about their defence as Peerless scored the equalizer inside seven minutes. Hadn’t they gotten the penalty, Mohun Bagan could have been in serious trouble.  


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