The Fanclub Roundup: Meet the Ultras of the Warden of the North...

Sabari Jagannathan  |  The Fanclub Roundup  |  1 Year Ago

The inception of the Ultras is a unique story in itself. A group of fans from a Facebook group decided a meet-up at a Café in Connaught Place went on to become a force in the not-so-football-friendly Delhi. What not many are aware of is that the Ultras who look nothing less than 500-600 in each of Dynamos’ match days, only managed to congregate six fans on that day. Those six are now 6,000 and counting in support of what they proudly call, Warden of the North!


Unlike other cities in the Indian Super League, it took time for Delhi to receive the latest figure of football back in 2014. A city that waited all these years to have a football club of its own had a tough time embracing the game initially. The Ultras  reveals all the spat they received for supporting Indian Football. Delhi, a predominant Cricket market has always had the biggest chunk and sharing wasn’t even an option.

The city of Sehwags and Kohlis needed a serious transition if ISL had to find its space. “I still remember it took Del Piero and Arne Riise for us to fill the stadium” says a Delhi Dynamos fan. What’s worth noticing is the fact that Delhi Dynamos has fielded a Marquee in all the previous editions of the league, while this time they seem to be counting heavily on the fanclub. 


The growth of Ultras was sheer hard work. Reaching out to the masses using the amalgamation of social media and their solid network, the journey was a combination of tackling painful ignorance and unquenchable passion. Delhi, which is often criticised for being unceremonious about such things, the job of forcing a consumed Delhiite into the stadium was phenomenal. The city of Food, Fashion and Flamboyance  began contributing to the football revolution across the country and at the heart of it were the Ultras.


“We believe in our principle, GO BIG OR GO HOME” says Aakash Sundriyal, one of the six Ultras…


Dynamos’ management role in encouraging the youth towards the beautiful game was equally pivotal. Prashant Agarwal, the former president of the club was instrumental in their development into a vociferous fanclub. Their dream is and has been simple— They want to fill in the stadium on every match day and give the team the best atmosphere to produce results. And that happened…


When quipped about the inspiration behind the name Ultras, they were on point. The name Ultras bring out the aggressive passion that they want to portray. 


“They’re loud, very loud!” says Lyon, a Northeast United FC fan describing the spectacular display of power she witnessed in the home match against NEUFC last season. 


The Ultras stood fourth in the Loudest Fanclub in the 2016 edition of the league, behind Kerala Blasters’ Manjappada and Northeast United’s Highlander Brigade(recently adopted name). 



When it comes to life outside football, The Ultras are equally compassionate. Last time around, their flagship campaign “Clean the Stands” initiative had caught eyeballs from across the country and set a great example for everyone. This movement sustained until the FIFA U-17 World Cup, while the Ultras’ management is keen on following the Swachh Bharat vision laid by the honourable Prime Minister. 


“We don’t look at the P-factor(Publicity), as we want to make the best use of our collective passion for doing our bit” says Yash Chugh, the fanclub Ambassador.


As we’re informed, The Ultras are also scheduled to plant a minimum of 200 trees in Delhi on 11th November, before helping Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s initiative of fixing the ramshackle Night-Shelters on the onset of Winters. 


From organising marches to making a grand event out of a Practice match, Ultras are in a different mood this season. They have high hopes on their team and believe they have a very good chance of winning their very first coveted ISL crown. Whether they win it or not, the Ultras are here to stay, sing and pray.


 “Once you join Ultras, you never go home defeated” – they say. 


Blood, Sweat and Passion! The Ultras are up again for another season of celebration! 




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