Kerala Blasters vs ATK: Talking Points of the most Underperformed 90 minutes

Sabari Jagannathan  |  ATK  |  1 Year Ago

Kerala has the best fans in the country, probably one of the best in the world.


Kerala Blaster’s Manjappada was recently awarded the best fan club of the year in the Indian Sports Honours. The opening night of the ISL could not have been any better as the viewers and players alike were left mesmerised by the yellow sea that threatened to blow the roof off the stadium. The atmosphere was brilliant throughout the ninety minutes despite the home team struggling at times, and I dare say, Kerala may just have one of the best fans across the world in terms of the noise and atmosphere they create.



Bigger the names, bigger the fall


ISL has seen some stellar names on the team sheets. Most often than not, they do not have the desired impact on the final score line. It is safe to say that the entire nation was looking forward to watch Berbatov in action in god’s own country. The Bulgarian international however had a humbling opening match as he was a peripheral figure throughout the ninety minutes. Though it is too soon to make any conclusions, there is a huge possibility that Berbatov might just follow the likes of big names who were more of crowd puller than a performer. 



A Season for Indian Protégés


It was a night when Hume was expected to mark his homecoming with a commanding performance; Berbatov was expected to set the stage on fire. On the contrary it was the Indian starlets who impressed the most. The 19 year old Hitesh Sharma was never unnerved in the hostile atmosphere and is bound to get even better when he plays with the likes of Keane. Lyngdoh was not his best but was effective in pulling the strings in the midfield. The Indian side-back pair for ATK looked untroubled. Jhingan was rock solid along with man of the match Pesic. Hitesh Sharma has began the race for the emerging player of the year award in hot form, there is a lot more to come from the Indian lads this season.


ATK let loose an opportunity


It is safe to say that Teddy Sheringham’s side would be more disappointed of the two with the final result. They were the better side but lacked the cutting edge to finish the chances to settle the tie. The return of Keane will boost their chances but Teddy’s boys will be disappointed not to walk away with 3 points from the most hostile environment they will face in this season.

“We deserved more” – Teddy Sheringham



Far from invincible at home


Kerala Blasters fan base is extraordinary. They have always been their 12th man but it is the 11 men on the field who decide the tie. Kerala Blasters have been slow starters across all ISL seasons and they would desperately want to begin their campaign better this season. Even the mighty manjappada could not cheer them on to go toe to toe with the defending champions. Though it is too early to comment, the blasters must find a formula to become invincible at home.



Young and fit, the way to go?


Most ISL clubs are inclined to sign big names to boost their ranks. The results so far has revealed that it is not the big names that win you games. The people who took ISL by storm have always been the unknowns in terms of popularity. Mendoza, Marcelinho are some of the examples and it was almost evident in the opening night of ISL 4. While the big names took the limelight in the build up to the game, it was 26 year old Serbian Nemanja Lakić-Pešić who won the man of the match, a total unknown quantity till the ball was kicked- the Serbian was immense in the blasters defence.

Maybe, just maybe teams need a closer look at their foreign signings.  




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