Refund & Cancellation

That's no problem to return a New or Marketplace book. We understand that you may wish to return a book for any number of reasons (maybe it was just too chatty, and kept you up at night). Returning a book is not a problem. We accept any return shipped to us within 60 days of the purchase date.

1. The shipment you received from the seller should include a packing slip with detailed return instructions. We would strongly encourage you to purchase tracking for your return so you can verify when your order has been delivered to the seller.

2. If those instructions were not included, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to track down that information for you. Simply submit a ticket below.

3. Simply package up the item and send it back to us at the following address: Better World Books, ATTN: RETURNS DEPT., 55740 Currant Rd., Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA

4. Please include a short note that includes your order number explaining the reason for your return.

5. Once the seller confirms receipt of your return we will process a refund for the returned item(s).

6. Once we receive your return, we will promptly issue a refund to the account with which you placed the order.

7. We do ask that you please understand that shipping fees will not be reimbursed. Our return policy does allow for a refund for the item cost. Please note that if you are returning new books, they must be unused in order to receive a refund.

8. If it is more than 60 days beyond your purchase date, or if you feel that we've made an error with your purchase that would warrant us covering return shipping costs, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

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