Terms & Conditions

1. Koonect and Jersey Affiliate Program is a user interaction scheme to involve real users with the app before its launch.

2. When an Affiliate agrees with the T&C, he/she joins the initial membership of the app and is only limited to getting prelaunch benefits.

3. Prelaunch benefits are subject to the decision taken by Koonect app management and the company holds all rights to withdraw at any point in time, without prior intimation.

4. At the time of Koonect and Jersey Affiliate Program launch till the launch of the app, each affiliate is eligible for 100 bonus points which can be added upon and redeemed later.

5. Bonus points can only be visible after the launch of the Koonect App.

6. Koonect and Jersey Affiliate Program is a networking scheme and each downstream affiliate makes the upstream affiliate eligible for 100 points.

7. Koonect app doesn’t convert the points earned on the app into any currency and affiliates can only redeem points to buy available merchandises and other sellable items/features.

8. An affiliate must have the app running for 45 days to be eligible for the bonus points. If the affiliate withdraws in between, he/she gets disqualified.

9. Koonect and Jersey Affiliate Program is only available in Indian States and the user cannot be made eligible for bonus under any circumstance.

10. For any questions or support an Affiliate can write us at

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