FANTASTIC: ROMELU LUKAKU'S house tour is the best thing to see today...

Introduced us to a very talented concealed polyglot who plays for Real Madrid and loves to make some beat....

I don't Like to Watch FOOTBALL...says Neymar!!!
By:   Team JFM
1 Month Ago

When asked that along with him Following other sports through social media, did he practice some other sport as well, he summed his answer up in ...

This Is What You Can Lay Your Hands On For A Week's Wage Of Kepa Arrizabalaga
By:   Team JFM
1 Month Ago

How about relishing a pint of beer, being a Chelsea fan, while Kepa dives...

Thanks to this FILM, Griezmann is getting MIXED REACTIONS for being LEGENDARY

Griezmann hogged the limelight after a documentary revolving around the meteoric rise of the French striker...

Any Idea Why England WAGs Were Banned By The Coach in the World Cup?
By:   Nick J'han
5 Months Ago

The wives and girlfriends of the England players had created quite a stir at the...

Top-10 Footballers Who Own Super-Expensive Private Jets

Footballers earn filthy money after signing new contract deal with their clubs and endorsement giants. They spend a big...

Is Arjun Kapoor following Ranveer's footsteps?
By:   Miranic
11 Months Ago

nd without any doubt it makes sense when you romp in someone who bears the passion for the game as a co-owner of the organization...

What’s with Rihanna and Footballers?
By:   Team Jersey
1 Year Ago

She was not only kissing his jersey passionately in the opening fixture to grab all the eyeballs, Rihanna exposed her torso enough to read the message in Portuguese...

Italian defender reveals why he has decided to quit football to become a porn star

The 24 year old said in an interview he did not see the possibility of continuing to evolve in the world of football and therefore decided to look for an alternative job that...

Neymar Must be Patient for Balon d'Or till Messi and Ronaldo around, advised Roberto Carlos

Neymar’s move to the Parisian giants PSG has been termed as the pursuit to become world’s greatest and that in modern football looks leas likely to happen without the prestigious trophy...

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