FAQ: How Did The Soccer Team Get Stuck In Cave?

What happened to the Thailand soccer team?

Wednesday marks three years since a flood trapped members of Thailand’s Wild Boars soccer team after they entered the Tham Luang Nang Non cave on June 23, 2018. It was an entrapment that captivated the world for more than two weeks. The team finally was located about 10 days later by British divers.

What happened to the boys in the Thai cave?

BANGKOK — A Thai navy SEAL who was part of the dramatic rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave has died of a blood infection contracted during the risky operation, the Royal Thai Navy said.

How did the boys in the cave survive?

But before they were found, the group had to survive for nine days in the darkness unaware of the desperate search efforts. Dripping water, birthday snacks and meditation all helped keep the team alive until divers eventually reached them.

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Did they sedate the Thai soccer team?

They were heavily sedated with ketamine, xanax, and atropine — a saliva suppressant — before cave divers pulled them out of the complex, the BBC reported in a Monday podcast. They were so heavily drugged that some of them were barely breathing at some points.

Who saved the Thai soccer team?

Coach Ekkapol Chantawong While the 25-year-old coach of the soccer team had apologized for allowing the boys to wander into the cave, he is also credited with helping keep them alive during their 17-day ordeal.

Who died in Thai cave rescue?

Petty Officer Beirut Pakbara, a Thai Navy Seal, contracted a blood infection during the rescue at Tham Luang cave. Beirut was under medical supervision but his condition worsened and he died on Friday, a statement said.

How did the Thai diver died?

Thai rescue diver dies from infection contracted while saving soccer team from flooded cave.

How much did the Thai cave rescue cost?

At a cost of over $500,000, the money could have been allocated to other sources which could have without a doubt saved more lives. In particular, over 100 lives could have been saved in Africa with this funding.

How did they find the boys in the cave?

Twelve boys and their football coach missing in caves in Thailand for nine days have been found by divers, in a drama that has gripped the nation. They were discovered by two British divers on a ledge in a cavern after a marathon search operation in the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai.

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Do No Harm Why is this the anchoring statement for the Thailand cave rescue?

“Do no harm.” Why is this the anchoring statement for the Thailand Cave Rescue? They want to keep the boys safe, then they can rescue them once they are capable of escaping safely.

How did they rescue the Thai soccer team?

Unable to escape, the boys pulled their coach back in and weeks passed before they were discovered and reached by rescuers. Starving and quickly running out of oxygen, the team survived by drinking fresh water that dripped from a cave stalactite and repeated the mantra “su su”—Thai for “keep fighting”—to remain calm.

How long were the Thai soccer team trapped?

A year has passed since 12 young soccer players and their coach were trapped for 17 days in a flooded cave in Northern Thailand. film, Thai citizenship, a defamation case, and boosted tourism have all resulted from the ordeal.

Are they making a movie about the Thai cave rescue?

“Free Solo ” Oscar winners Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin detail the harrowing 2018 rescue of the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave for 16 days. National Geographic and Greenwich Entertainment will release the film in theaters this October. 3

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