FAQ: How To Balance A Soccer Ball On Your Chest?

What is chest pass in soccer?

The chest trap is designed to slow the ball and guide the ball down the body to a controlled stop at the foot. The chest trap is not some sort of chest “pass,” in which a player moves the ball to the ground in front of him with his chest and starts to dribble.

Can you use your chest in soccer?

Using your chest is one way to control a ball out of the air. There are multiple styles, reasons and ways to control a soccer ball using your chest. Today we are learning the basic style to control a ball using your chest.

Can you carry the ball with your feet in soccer?

So, to answer your question, Yes! In soccer, walking on your hands holding the ball aloft with your feet is allowed, and in some parts of the world, it is becoming quite common. It really is the evolution of the game.

What does ping mean in soccer?

A “ping” is a low driven ball that can be used as a pass or shot. When pinging the ball, the ball stays on the ground or is in the air a foot or two off the ground. Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes is a former player who had a phenomenal ping on him!

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When shooting a soccer ball Why is it important to keep your chest over the ball?

Balance – Good balance is also important. Keep your weight forward with your knee and chest over the ball. If you slip or lean back too much, you will likely miss the shot. Striking the ball – The most powerful shot you can hit will be with the instep of your foot.

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