FAQ: How To Breed Soccer Dragon In Dragon City?

Can you breed legendary dragons in Dragon City?

The Legend dragons consist of all of those dragons that have the Legend element. They are Legendary, Wind, Crystal, Mirror, Droconos, Nirobi, and Robin Hood. All but Robin Hood can be bred. To breed a Legend dragon, you need to use parent dragons with the Pure element.

How do I breed a waterfall dragon?


  1. The best method of breeding a Waterfall Dragon is breeding a Terra Dragon and a Sea Dragon together.
  2. The Waterfall Dragon can also be the result of breeding two Dragons with a and. Element together.

Can you trade eggs in Dragon City?

There are different trading pages specifically for different types of trades. Note: You must be at least level 35 to trade eggs.

What is the best breed in Dragon City?

Pure + Pure is the best breeding combination to breed Dragon City legendary dragons.

What do I breed to get a star Dragon?

To get Star Dragon, you breed Terra with Electric. There is a 50% chance to get it, with the other dragon being Chameleon.

How do you breed a Cyber Dragon?

The Cyber Dragon is not breedable. Future events may also come up that allow you to win the Cyber Dragon.

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What is the best legendary dragon in Dragon City?

1 Durian dragon The best mythical dragon is the Durian dragon because of its elements and damage amount. He is very strong legendary because of his 8450 total damage amount. He ranks two best category ten dragons; he is behind pure titan, which is rank 1. 5

How do you breed a mirror Dragon in 2021?

The most common combination to use to get a Mirror dragon is a Cool Fire and Soccer dragon. You’ll have more luck in getting legendary dragons if you breed pure dragons with each other.

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