FAQ: How To Breed Soccer Dragon?

What do I breed to get a soccer dragon in Korean?

How to Breed a Korean Soccer Dragon

  • Ice. Double Flame. 37.50% Expected Time: 15:00:00.
  • Viking. Double Flame. 23.08% Expected Time: 20:20:00.
  • King. Double Ice. 25.00%
  • Chinese. Alpine. 8.70%
  • 18.46% Expected Time: 33:15:38. Parent Levels 20+
  • Alpine. 15.79% Expected Time: 35:41:20.
  • Aztec Warrior. Alpine. 14.29%
  • Pearl. Vampire. 18.75%

How do you breed a cool fire dragon in 2020?

To make a Cool Fire dragon, you need to choose any of the following combinations:

  1. Pearl dragon and Flaming Rock dragon.
  2. Laser dragon and Dandelion dragon.
  3. Firebird dragon and Ice dragon.
  4. Lava dragon and Alpine dragon.
  5. Flame dragon and Ice dragon.
  6. Soccer dragon and Soccer dragon.

How do you breed an ice cube dragon?

To breed the cute Ice Cube Dragon, breed Sea with Ice.

How long does it take to breed a soccer dragon?

The breed time should be 12 hours and that is the same for the hatching time. Please keep in mind that the it does not matter which side you select your dragon for breeding.

What is the Korean soccer dragon?

The Korean Soccer Dragon is a Common Dragon with the primary typing of Ice. The Korean Soccer Dragon can also learn Flame moves. Description: The ancestors of this dragon happened to make a home at a soccer stadium, and thats how it all started.

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What habitat does a love dragon need?

The rare love dragon hails from the western slope of the Berrywhite Mountains and only shows up for a few weeks each year when love is strong in the air. Getting one of these lovely beasts is sure to inspire your visitors to buy flowers and maybe even find a spark of love.

How do you breed a double fire dragon?

How to breed the Double Flame Dragon. The Double Flame Dragon is not breedable. Future events may also come up that allow you to win the Double Flame Dragon.

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