FAQ: What Is Dribble Up Soccer?

How does dribble up soccer ball work?

Your iOS or Android version of the Dribble Up app uses that pattern to track the ball as it moves. That’s why you hold the ball up to be scanned before you start playing. The augmented reality function in the app is what is used to track the ball.

Is dribble up soccer free?

Dribble Up Smart Soccer Ball Juggling There is no monthly fee to use Dribble Up. The app is free and comes with a library of playlists you can use to train with. The Progress tile shown above keeps track of how you do and is a good way to see yourself improving when you train consistently over time.

Is there a monthly fee for DribbleUp?

A free DribbleUp account is required to track data, but there are no subscription fees or in-app purchases. With few pieces to set up, getting started took about five minutes or so.

What is a dribble up?

The magic begins when you scan your Smart Basketball in the app. Our advanced computer vision technology tracks every movement from the ball and records each rep in real-time. Hit the virtual targets on the screen to register reps, perfect form, and climb the leaderboard against ballers from all over the world.

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Is dribble up soccer ball worth it?

Overall a great product and he uses it all the time (just in short bursts because of the phone overheating). I do recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their soccer skills.

How much does dribble up cost?

Dribble up charging $7.99 every month for use with app.

Can more than one person use Dribble Up?

If you have multiple people using the DribbleUp ball you can create a different account with a different user name for each of them. We have a different account for each of our kids and once you setup the accounts you can switch between them in the app.

Can you do Dribble Up on TV?

If you have an Android device you can cast the app onto your TV with Chromecast. Some of the newer Android TVs actually have Chromecast built in but if yours is older like ours then you can display the Dribble Up app with a Chromecast dongle.

Are smart soccer balls worth it?

“The Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball is awesome in many ways, The app provides daily lessons featuring different drills combinations that you can filter based on your level of experience. The play back video is also very clear. One thing I like about the Ball is there’s no batteries needed and charging isn’t necessary.

Are DribbleUp classes free?

Never have to worry about planning a workout again. DribbleUp trainers go live every day with a variety of dynamic workout classes. HIIT, Dance Cardio, Balance & Mobility, Yoga… you name it, we got it. Oh, & the first 30 days are totally free for up to 6 users. (30 day free trial for new members only, then $9.99/mo.

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How do I dribble up live?

When you buy a new Dribble Up ball you have the option of adding in Dribble Up Live. If you already have a smart ball and want to add in the Live feature you can go to the same site where you created your Dribble Up user account and add DribbleUp Live.

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