Often asked: Is Bubble Soccer Fun?

Why is bubble soccer fun?

Guided by similar rules, the game is made much more exciting as players are encompassed in a giant bubble that covers their entire upper torso. The game not only makes for a hilarious sight when your little ones are wrapped in the giant bubbles but will also provide them with an unforgettable day of fun!

Is soccer playing in a bubble?

Bubble soccer is played much like regular soccer. Players of both teams try to locate and kick a soccer ball into the opponent’s net, like normal, except there’s no goalie. All the players are strapped into a giant plastic bubble from their midsection to up above their heads.

How much does it cost to play bubble soccer?

How much does bubble soccer cost to either rent or buy? On average you can expect to pay between $300 and $500 to rent a bubble soccer setup for your event, or, $20 per person.

What is Orb soccer?

The plastic orb surrounding the player is similar in construction but differs where these allow the player’s legs to run around freely or essentially wear the orb. The objective of the game is to score against your opponent’s net and knock each other down while you try.

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Can you get hurt playing bubble soccer?

Bubble Soccer Injury Risk Because there is no padding around the neck area, bubble soccer seems to have a potential risk of neck and brain injury due to whiplash. In some cases, players’ buttocks hang out from the bottom of the bubble, which can increase potential injury to the hips, coccyx bone and lower back.

What do you wear to bubble soccer?

There are no guidelines other than selecting athletic attire that is comfortable. When you are comfortable, only then you can enjoy bubble soccer to its fullest! The best part is that there are no restrictions whatsoever when you play the game. You can wear yoga pants or leggings.

What are the rules of bubble soccer?

Each player must be in a “Battle Ball” prior to stepping on the field. The equipment shall be worn fully-inflated and over the shoulders with shoulder straps that are snug to ensure that the player is secured tightly inside the ball. Players must wear tennis shoes or turf shoes, soccer cleats will not be allowed.

Where was Bubble Soccer created?

Bubble football was first created in Norway by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011, when it made an appearance on their TV show, Golden Goal. The game was spread in the UK by Lee Moseley who self-financed.

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