Question: When Is The Next Big Soccer Event?

What is the biggest soccer event?

The biggest soccer tournaments in the world

  • World Cup – The biggest soccer tournament on the planet.
  • Euro – European Football Championship.
  • Asian Cup.
  • Copa America – South America’s No.
  • FIFA Club World Cup – World football clubs championship.
  • Cup C1 – European club championship.
  • Cup C2 – UEFA Europa League.

What’s the next big sporting event?

Major events on the 2022 sports calendar include the Fifa World Cup in Qatar, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, and the Uefa Women’s Euro 2022 in England. New Zealand will host the women’s Rugby World Cup and the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup, while England will host the rescheduled Rugby League World Cup.

Who broadcasts euro2020?

All 51 games of Euro 2020 will be televised across the over-the-air ABC network, ESPN, ESPN2 and Spanish-language options.

What is the big soccer tournament right now?

The European Championship, generally considered the biggest soccer tournament after the World Cup, is being held this summer after a year’s delay because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a rundown on the teams, the players and the host cities for what is still being called Euro 2020.

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What is the most prestigious soccer league?

La Liga is the world’s most famous league because it hosts the biggest and most exciting rivalry in history: Real Madrid vs Barcelona, el clásico.

What is the most famous trophy in soccer?

The FIFA World Cup Trophy Awarded every four years, this stunning gold trophy is no doubt the most prestigious prize in professional soccer.

What is the most viewed sporting event?

The FIFA World Cup has attracted an average of 3.2 billion viewers in 2010 and 2014, making it the most-watched overall live event by average on television worldwide in the 21st century.

What sporting event has the highest attendance?

Uruguay match in the World Cup Final on the 16th June, 1950. This is the biggest attendance at a sporting event held in an enclosed stadium. The crowd number is an unofficial number – the official crowd (people who paid tickets) that day was 173,850.

What is the biggest football competition?

Top 10 Best Football Tournaments in the world right now

  1. FIFA World Cup. advertisement.
  2. UEFA European Championship. UEFA European Championship is in position two for the world’s top 10 tournaments.
  3. Copa America.
  4. AFC Asian Cup.
  5. FIFA Club World Cup.
  6. UEFA Champions League.
  7. EUFA Europa League.
  8. FA Cup.

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