Quick Answer: Does Messi Still Play Soccer?

Is Messi done with soccer?

A tearful Lionel Messi confirmed on Sunday he was leaving FC Barcelona after the club said it could no longer afford paying the Argentine’s high wages, adding he was in negotiations with French club Paris St Germain over a possible move.

Can Messi still stay in Barcelona?

The official verdict is that Messi will leave Barcelona because the La Liga club is unable to fulfil the player’s new contract. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner has officially been a free agent since July 1, having not agreed terms over a renewal before his previous Barcelona contract expired on June 30.

Which club is Messi now?

Lionel Messi’s long-drawn contract saga came to an end on Thursday night after Barcelona confirmed that the 34-year-old will not continue at the club.

Is PSG better than Barcelona?

Is Paris Saint-Germain better than Barcelona? Currently Paris Saint-Germain has a better 1vs1 performance index with 333. Paris Saint-Germain has 12 goals and Barcelona has a total of 7 goals.

Which team is Messi going to in 2021?

Soccer Football – Lionel Messi arrives in Paris to join Paris St Germain – Paris-Le Bourget Airport, Paris, France – August 10, 2021 Lionel Messi waves as he arrives in Paris. Lionel Messi has agreed to join Paris Saint-Germain on a two-year contract.

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Who is Messi wife?

In the summer of 2020, with one year left on his four-year, $675-million Barcelona contract, Messi went public about his desire to leave, citing a falling out with club management and a clause in his contract that he believed allowed him to depart.

Is Ronaldo joining PSG?

But in return PSG will sign Cristiano Ronaldo, who will also be free to leave Juventus on 30 June 2022. PSG will exchange one player for another and at zero cost in terms of transfer fees. They won’t get a single euro from Madrid, but they already have a substitute for the same cost.

How much is Messi contract?

In January, it was reported that the four-year contract Messi signed in 2017 was worth a whopping $673.8 million. Messi’s annual salary of $168.5 million is believed to be the richest ever paid to an athlete.

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