Quick Answer: How To Long Pass In Soccer?

How can I improve my long passing?

Tips for long-passing technique:

  1. Angled approach.
  2. Lean back slightly.
  3. Strike with the laces.
  4. Strike bottom half of the ball and a vertical line that bisects it.
  5. Firm ankle, extend the kicking foot.
  6. Sweep through and across the ball.
  7. Non-kicking foot diagonally behind the ball but not immediately next to it.
  8. Head steady.

How do you do a short pass?

The association football short side foot pass

  1. Move parallel to the ball and place your non-kicking foot to the side of the ball.
  2. Hold your arms up and wide to support your balance.
  3. Keep your eye on the ball until you have it under your control.
  4. Look up to see where is the best place to pass it.

What is a short pass?

A short pass is when a person passes the ball a short distance to another player.

How can I improve my dribbling?

9 Tips To Improve Your Dribbling & Ball Handling

  1. Dribble the ball hard.
  2. Head up at all times.
  3. Use your finger tips to control the ball, not your palm.
  4. Use your imagination.
  5. Teach mentality.
  6. Basketball is a game of length.
  7. Basketball is also a game of angles.
  8. Don’t do things in 2 dribbles that you can do in 1.

How can I improve my short passing in soccer?

Turn your kicking foot outwards, bend your knee slightly, and lock your ankle as you make the pass. Use the inside of your foot to make contact with the centre of the ball as you bring your kicking foot through.

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How do you make a good pass?

Below are seven tips that will help you to be able to increase your in-game passing skills.

  1. Get to Know Your Teammates.
  2. Use Both Feet.
  3. Pass More Often.
  4. Pacier Passes are Usually Better.
  5. Create Space Before You Receive the Ball.
  6. Keep Your Passing Intentions Disguised.
  7. Don’t Try to Do Too Much.

What is a long pass in soccer?

A long pass is an attacking skill that allows players to switch the direction of the attack very quickly to create space, find a teammate or to catch out the opposition.

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