Quick Answer: What Does Double Chance Mean In Soccer?

What is double chance in soccer?

Essentially, Double Chance offers insurance to bettors for a game finishing as a draw, but for a higher premium. Draw, No Bet is a further variation of Double Chance. With Draw, No Bet, any match that finishes as a draw triggers an automatic refund to the bettor.

How do you play Double Chance?

How Does Double Chance Bet Work?

  1. ‘Home’ team win and draw (1X)
  2. Draw and ‘Away’ team win (X2)
  3. ‘Home’ team win and ‘Away’ team win (12)
  4. Higher odds of winning.
  5. Low-risk betting.
  6. Profitable betting if match is of equals.
  7. High-value bet if you are backing the underdog.
  8. Check form of both teams.

How do you win a double chance bet?

The Double Chance bet works on the 3-way betting option (1X2). Select two possible outcomes instead of just one. The Double Chance yields a potential 67% chance of winning. Bet on the favourite and back up with a second choice.

What is 2x double chance?

Examples for double chance bets In football you can bet on the required three outcomes of a game. A team can win (1), lose (2) or draw (X) against its opponent. In this case you could place an X2-bet to increase your chances of winning.

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Can you bet on both teams on betway?

Both Teams to Score Make a Both Teams to Score selection (the selection will automatically be added to your Betslip) Once you are happy with your selections, continue to the Betslip and enter the amount you want to bet.

What does win and over 1.5 mean?

Over 1.5 Goals Explained Over 1.5 goals in a match mean that 2 or more goals are required to win the bet, and 0 or 1 goal means the bet loses. For example, an over 1.5 goals bet will win if a match finishes 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, and so on.

How do you bet without losing?

How Do You Bet Without Losing?

  1. Plenty of Research. The most important aspect of becoming a successful sports bettor is to do plenty of research.
  2. Use a Handicapper. Another helpful tip to remember when betting on sports is to use a handicapper to help guide you.
  3. Show Restraint.
  4. No Parlays.

How are double chance odds calculated?

How to calculate Double Chance stakes. If you want to just compare odds, to get effective decimal odds you need to divide the return with the stake. For the example above, the €100 staked would return €130.70 in the case of Manchester City win (profit is €30.70), therefore the decimal odds are 130.7/100 = 1.307.

What is double chance and both teams to score?

Matchbet & Both Teams to Score. Bet on the double of which team is going to win the match, as well as if both teams will score in the match.

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What is the meaning of 12 in bet?

12 describes the home and the away team in a match. Naturally, a win in football refers to the team that scored the most goals at the end of a match. In betting, however, it can also describe winning the first or the second Half.

What does X2 double chance mean?

This is also called Double Chance for the away team. It can be written as X2 on other betting sites. 12DC: This means that you are placing your bet on either of the two squads winning the match. If the match ends in a draw, you lose your money. This is also called double chance for both teams.

What it means draw no bet?

Draw No Bet removes the option of a draw from a bet and allows bettors to bet on either a home or away win. If your selection is successful your bet will win, If the contest ends in a draw, your stake will be returned meaning you neither win or lose. Your bet will lose if the team you backed are defeated.

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