Readers ask: How To Become A Real Madrid Soccer Player?

How can I join Real Madrid FC?

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  1. MADRIDISTA CARD HOLDER. Sign in. If you have a Madridista card, you are already signed up.
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Does Real Madrid have an academy?

La Fábrica (English: “The Factory”) is the name given to Real Madrid’s farm system and academy. La Fábrica is housed in Ciudad Real Madrid, Real Madrid’s training facility located in Valdebebas.

What is the nickname of Real Madrid?

Real Madrid, in full Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, byname Los Blancos (Spanish: “the White”), Spanish professional football (soccer) club based in Madrid. Playing in all-white uniforms, which led to its nickname “Los Blancos,” Real Madrid is one of the world’s best-known teams, with fans in many countries.

What is Barcelona academy called?

La Masia de Can Planes, usually shortened to La Masia (Catalan pronunciation: [lə məˈzi. ə]; English: “The Farmhouse”), is a term used for FC Barcelona’s youth academy. The academy includes more than 300 young players.

Does Real Madrid have a youth team?

Real Madrid Juvenil are the under-19 team of Spanish professional football club Real Madrid. They play in the Group V of the División de Honor Juvenil de Fútbol where their main rivals are Atlético Madrid and Rayo Vallecano.

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Why do Real Madrid wear white?

In the year 1882 It was founded in England, more specifically in London, an amateur club called Corinthian FC He dressed all in white. From the beginning, this team caused a furor for its beautiful way to play and achieve great victories in the time when football began to gain importance and attract more and more fans.

What country is Juventus in?

Juventus, in full Juventus Football Club, also called Juventus FC, bynames la Vecchia Signora (Italian: “the Old Lady”) and Juve, Italian professional football (soccer) team based in Turin. Juventus is one of Italy’s oldest and most successful clubs, with more Italian league championships than any other team.

Who owns Real Madrid?

The owner of Real Madrid club is a group of ‘socios’ who are effectively the supporters of the club. Although the club has a President in the form of Florentino Perez, he is not the owner of the club. Currently, more than 90,000 ‘socios’ exist and they collectively own the club.

Is Real Madrid a good team?

Founded in 1902, Real Madrid is one of the most successful and recognised sporting clubs in the world. Being a club that is by the members and for the members, it is no wonder that it is one of the most widely-supported teams in the world and attracts the greatest players to it.

Who is the most expensive football player in the world?

Neymar, the most expensive player in history, led the list after just two transfers, the second of which smashed the world record when he moved to Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona for €222m in 2017.

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