Where To Buy Official Soccer Jerseys?

What’s the best website to buy soccer jerseys at?

20 of the Best Online Soccer Stores

  • Premier Soccer Shop.
  • Soccer West.
  • Amazon.
  • eBay.
  • Niky’s Sports.
  • Soccer Factory.
  • Soccer Shop USA.
  • Soccer Plus.

Who makes official soccer jerseys?

Browse Officially Licensed Soccer Jerseys. These premium designs are manufactured by top brands like Nike® and adidas®, and are perfect for attending a match, playing a pickup game, or just hanging out with friends and family. From friendly matches to heated league play, your team needs your support.

Does World Soccer Shop sell authentic jerseys?

Your comment makes me think you may not have ordered from World Soccer Shop – https://www.worldsoccershop.com/ We only purchase jerseys directly from the club technical sponsor (adidas, Nike, Puma, etc) so are 100% official.

Who sells the most jerseys in soccer?

Number of football jerseys sold worldwide in 2018/2019, by team. In 2018/2019, Manchester United had the highest sales of football or soccer shirts in the world at 3,250,000 million units.

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Why are soccer jerseys so expensive?

As we discussed above, jerseys are expensive mainly because they are in high demand, considered premium fan apparel, have detailed finishes, and because each major sport only has one sole provider, which allows that provider to drive up costs without fear of competition.

Where is soccer most popular?

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, played by over 250 million people in more than 200 countries. It is particularly popular in Europe, Central and South America, and Africa, though has a growing influence in North America and Asia.

What soccer jersey should I buy?

The 20 Best Soccer Jerseys Perfect for Any Fan

  • New York Cosmos – 1977 Home. Ebay.
  • Mexico – 1998 Home. Ebay.
  • Verdy Kawasaki 1993-1994. Ebay.
  • France – 2011-12 Away. Ebay.
  • Ajax – 1995 Away. Ebay.
  • Liverpool – 1984 Home. Ebay.
  • Paris Saint-Germain – 2014-15 Home. Ebay.
  • USA Men’s – 1994 Away. Ebay.

Do soccer jerseys run small?

Soccer jerseys vary in size between brands, as some are cut a little bigger than others. Also, kits ordered from overseas tend to run smaller than jerseys sold on the American market. Authentic jerseys also tend to have a tighter fit, since modern players prefer their kits to be as non-bulky as possible.

What’s the difference between authentic and replica soccer jerseys?

Replica jerseys make use of conventional, affordable fabric technology designed to keep you cool and comfortable. This material is typical fabric weight. Authentic jerseys make use of high-performance, sweat-wicking fabric.

Are authentic soccer jerseys worth it?

They have the same logos, same colors and look almost identical (especially when your only seeing them online). You may wonder why there’s such a big price difference since authentic jerseys cost 45% to 70% more than a replica jersey. Does it mean that authentic jerseys are just better? The short answer is no.

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How can you tell a fake jersey?

Pay special attention to the numbers on the jersey, if they appear shiny, don’t lay evenly flat and contain bubbling, you’re looking at a fake jersey. Most fans know what their team’s font looks like and this will help them spot fakes as most counterfeit jerseys use the wrong font for the team which is very noticeable.

How can you tell if a jersey is authentic?

Authentic jerseys have a Nike logo on the right shoulder. The name and numbers on the back of the jersey will be a thin fabric stitched to the jersey, not a heat-pressed vinyl. You should be able to see the stitching of the name and numbers on the inside of the jersey.

What is the most sold jersey of all time?

In the NFL world, the title for most sports memorabilia sold belongs to Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s Tom Brady, but Kaepernick’s jersey worn in his NFL debut in Oct. 2011 is reportedly the most expensive jersey sold at auction in history according to Julien’s Auctions.

Who is the richest football club in the world?

List of most valuable teams

  • Barcelona – $4.76 billion.
  • Real Madrid – $4.75 billion.
  • Bayern Munich – $4.215 billion.
  • Manchester United – $4.2 billion.
  • Liverpool – $4.1 billion.
  • Manchester City – $4 billion.
  • Chelsea – $3.2 billion.
  • Arsenal – $2.88 billion.

How much did Juventus make from Ronaldo shirt sales?

Various outlets are claiming the posted shirt sales will pay off a good chunk of Ronaldo’s estimated $140 million transfer fee, as basic math dictates that 520,000 x $120 (the retail fee for a Juve jersey) = $62.4 million.

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